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Simpsons mugs, Where to buy?
30.11.15 - 03:57
I am searching to buy Simpsons mugs, preferably with Bart´s face.

I could find only 2 online shops in Finland that sell such (with very limited options though), and they are expensive meaningless:  at least 6€ shipping costs + min 6 € items price.
1.Is there any shop that charges less for shipping, or sell cheaper?
2.Regardless of price, which shops (in Finland) offer different options for mugs?
3.Is there any shop in Uusima that sell Simpsons stuff (also other products like poster, standup, hat, etc)?

PS: I already know about following online shops: boostep, emp,

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Vastaus #1 30.11.15 - 15:52
I dont know, sorry.

Vs: Simpsons mugs, Where to buy?
Vastaus #2 01.12.15 - 00:10
I try to answer to your questions as good as I can:

1. Shipping is pretty expensive here in Finland compared to some other countries, so 6€ shipping price sounds pretty normal to me. Cheapest shipping you can find is 2,90€ but normally it's around 4-6€. Of course there is some companies which include shipping costs to product price and that's way offers free shipping.

2. Actually those shops you mentioned are only ones I find too. There are not so many shops and I think the reason is that there are only little amount of Finns which are interested to buy those mugs. Supply and demand!

3. I don't know any specific store where you can find Simpsons mugs, but you should start searching from malls. Because small "little bit of everything" shops are usually in malls and those shops could sell Simpsons stuff. Big malls like Itis, Kamppi, Sello, Jumbo, etc. are located near to public transportation and are easy to access even without a car.

You can also order mugs from another countries like, or Just remember that if the shop is located in Europe you don't need to pay any extra costs, but if the shop is located to Asia, Australia or United States your shipment could be very expensive and you need to pay toll and taxes if product costs over 22€.