Kirjoittaja Aihe: A Black Market for Dollars Emerges in Crisis-Stricken Pakistan  (Luettu 120 kertaa)

A Black Market for Dollars Emerges in Crisis-Stricken Pakistan

In the money-changing businesses of Karachi, the exchange rate for buying dollars is still on display. But attempt to purchase the currency and operators will say they don’t have any left.To get more news about dollars markets review, you can visit official website.

Investigate a little more and a different story emerges. There are still ways to get the greenback, several money changers say, but it costs about 10% more than the advertised rate.
A black market for dollars has sprung up in Pakistan after the central bank restricted access to foreign currency to preserve dwindling reserves. The forex shortage and emergence of a parallel market adds to a long list of woes for the South Asian state, which has already been battered by devastating floods, an economic crisis and political turbulence that has at times turned violent.

“A third market has developed now and has become very big,” said Asmat Ullah, chief executive officer of Ravi Exchange Company Pvt., a Lahore-based money-exchange business. The first two are the interbank foreign exchange market and the money-changing firms.
Pakistan’s central bank didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

It’s been a rough year for junk-rated Pakistan, with floods killing more than 1,700 people and causing billions of dollars in damages. The government has faced mass protests led by former premier Imran Khan and is struggling to pay debt, with the currency one of the worst performers globally this year.
A fast-depleting forex stockpile has led the central bank to restrict overseas payments and halve the amount of foreign currency that a person can carry overseas to $5,000, a headache for international travelers.

“Whenever you impose restrictive policies, the grey economy picks up,” said Khurram Schehzad, chief executive officer of Karachi-based Alpha Beta Core Solutions Pvt., a financial consultancy.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google stopped payments through its Play Store last month after seeing a delay in payments for in-app purchases. The local units of carmakers Honda Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. had multiple weeks-long shutdowns this year because they’ve been unable to import parts.

The Forex Association of Pakistan acknowledged the shortage, with Malik Bostan, the group’s president, citing two other reasons for it. One is increased spending on overseas trips after the pandemic. The other is demand for currency from neighboring Afghanistan after the Taliban’s takeover last year.

Money-changing businesses had limited dollars until a few months ago, but have now run out of the US currency, according to the money changers, who asked not to be identified discussing the illegal black market for currency. Purchases in the black market aren’t available widely and there are no official transaction records, they said.

One source of dollars has been from migrant workers who are using the black market because it has a better exchange rate, the money changers said. Official remittances dropped in October to the lowest in eight months. Businesses unable to get transactions cleared by the central bank have also turned to this market, they said.At least 1,000 containers of food have been held up at ports in Karachi this week as transactions aren’t being cleared by banks because of the foreign currency shortage, according to local industry groups.

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