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Do LED Grow Lights Get Hot?
14.11.22 - 10:20

Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) grow lights get hot, but not as much as other lights. The lower heat output has to do with how efficient LED lights are in converting energy to light; LEDs can produce the same amount of light as standard light bulbs without using as much energy. Simply put, less energy means less heat.

Take a 10-watt LED grow light as an example: the light output is 8 watts, and the other 2 watts is converted into heat energy. For a 15-watt LED light, the actual output is 12 watts, while the heat generated is 3 watts. Energy is a property that cannot be created or destroyed—it merely changes its form.

The heat produced by grow lights converts to infrared radiation. It is a type of radiation that makes an object’s molecules heat up as soon as it hits them. In the case of plants, it is the infrared radiation from grow lights that can cause leaf burn when the heat is too intense.

Thanks to their energy conversion efficiency, LED grow lights function without emitting as much heat as florescent or HID (HPS) lights. You can mount them pretty close to your plants without worrying about leaf burn and heat stress (although you still need to take precautions not to have them sit too close to your plants). Compared to other lights, LED lights direct significantly less infrared radiation toward plants.

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