Kirjoittaja Aihe: 23 Of The Best Female Villains You’ll Love To Hate  (Luettu 97 kertaa)

23 Of The Best Female Villains You’ll Love To Hate

Female villains across film and TV often have three things in common: a killer wardrobe, a dramatic beauty look and an arsenal of memorable one-liners that help to ensure the spotlight remains firmly on them. Little wonder, then, that Hollywood’s hottest stars have long been lining up to play the most amoral characters in cinema.To get more news about 成熟女人国产对白视频, you can visit our official website.

First there are the comic book and Marvel bad girls, like Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn. Just because they’re bad on the inside, doesn’t mean they can’t be glamorous on the outside – think Angelina Jolie in Disney’s Maleficent with her signature blood-red pout. Next come the seductresses and killers, like Sharon Stone as the manipulative Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct or Jodie Comer’s well-dressed assassin Villanelle in Killing Eve.

Then there’s another category: the conflicted villainess. These women can’t quite decide which side they’re on, and will occasionally use their powers for good – especially if there’s something in it for them. Here, British Vogue revisits some of the best portrayals of female villains in Hollywood history.
Is there a more malevolent presence in the annals of high school cinema than Regina George, the ice cold queen bee embodied by Rachel McAdams in Mark Waters’s cult classic? From her skin-tight, baby pink-heavy wardrobe to her scathing asides and propensity for scheduling secret three-way calling attacks, everything about her is lethal.

In Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert’s mind-bending, multiverse-spanning blockbuster, Joy, the misunderstood daughter of Michelle Yeoh’s beleaguered laundromat owner Evelyn, morphs into Jobu Tupaki, a force powerful enough to destroy all mankind. Despite the outlandish outfits she dons as Jobu’s various iterations – an Elvis-inspired jumpsuit, an Elizabethan ruff, a retina-searing sweatshirt with teddy bears stitched to the sleeves – Stephanie Hsu imbues her with humanity, showing the audience why this weary misanthrope was drawn to the dark side.

Marla Grayson, the sharply-dressed, shameless con artist at the heart of J Blakeson’s barbed satire, is easily one of the best female villains ever to grace the screen. Played with relish and unrelenting charisma by Rosamund Pike, she’s a shrewd businesswoman who exploits the elderly and vulnerable, manipulating the legal system to gain guardianship over them. In short, she’s pure evil, and yet, when she meets her match in Dianne Wiest’s Jennifer Peterson, a retiree who refuses to go quietly, and her scheme begins to unravel, you almost find yourself rooting for her.

As the frizzy-haired, hollow-eyed and utterly ruthless Death Eater Bellatrix Lestrange, Helena Bonham Carter’s high-pitched cackles are enough to chill the blood. Even when she’s surrounded by Voldemort’s most nefarious supporters, from the ominous Lucius Malfoy to the cruel Antonin Dolohov and the bloodthirsty werewolf Fenrir Greyback, she remains the most terrifying.

Alabama-born Louise Fletcher won an Oscar for her portrayal of Mildred Ratched, the sadistic, tyrannical nurse who presides over the hospital ward which houses Jack Nicholson’s Randle Patrick McMurphy in Milo? Forman’s moving tragicomedy. Thanks to her perfectly calibrated performance, the character became a byword for institutional abuses of power, not to mention one of the most memorable movie villains of all time.

With twisted horns, razor-sharp cheekbones, piercing eyes and a billowing black cloak, Angelina Jolie becomes the titular mistress of evil in Robert Stromberg’s fantasy epic Maleficent, and its subsequent, Joachim R?nning-directed sequel – the misunderstood sorceress whose steely exterior belies a heart of gold. But, you underestimate her at your peril.