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Best Live Streaming Apps for Android

A lot of people think they will never need one of the great live streaming apps for Android on their smartphones. That is until they really need the app and are stumped because they find some really bad ones in the Google Play Store.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website.

I was like those guys, “Why would I ever need a live streaming app for Android, I’m a private person!” That all changed when I had to live  stream a wedding to relatives on Skype. Let me tell you, it was a nightmare to do so.Thankfully just before I was about to cry with frustration, a good friend of mine suggested live streaming the proceedings. I promptly downloaded the app and started broadcasting the wedding with ease! I even placed my phablet in the shallow front pocket of my coat and didn’t even have to use my hands. At one point 3 different streams were being broadcasted of the same wedding, it was truly one amazing experience, especially for family living abroad.

However, there is always a catch in pitches sounding too good to be true. Likewise, the best live streaming apps for Android all come with some minor annoyances. But almost all of them have the tendency to crash after extended usage.
1. Ustream
This app is one of the most stable ones on the list. Ustream works just as intended, if it boots up on your device, it will work fine. Some people have trouble starting up the app, however, so there is a slight chance it won’t even run for you.

I used this very app to stream a wedding to relatives and it worked for about an hour, after that my smartphone rebooted. That’s right, my phone crashed, not the app. The temperature of the device was quite high so I attribute this to hardware failure rather than the app’s fault.

Now that the performance is out of the way, let’s talk more about the app itself. Ustream has a very clean and well-categorized design. It doesn’t do anything unique and borrows from the standard template we have seen countless times.
2. Periscope
If you are somewhat popular or want to be the next big streamer, Periscope has a bigger scope, pun intended. The app has some interesting features that make following others a lot of fun. I was surprised to see a lot of live streamers streaming actively on the app.

One of the best features of the app is the replay feature. This feature allows you to enable re-watching of an already finished live stream. It basically makes the video and saves it online for others to watch at their leisure.
3. Meerkat
First off, I would like to admit I simply love this logo for some reason. This funny logo instantly made me feel better about the app, it’s the power of making an impactful logo. That aside, Meerkat is one of the easiest to use live streaming apps for Android. A few taps and you are broadcasting live to the world.

The app is integrated with Twitter, so if you have a healthy following on Twitter, you will most definitely benefit from using Meerkat. Apart from that, the streams will be pushed to the followers with push notifications; this is a great way to alert your followers. The watchers will also be able to retweet the stream instantly.
Streaming your face on the internet has never been easier! allows you to start a broadcast really fast. The app basically has all the features you would expect from a live streaming app on Android. You can browse live streams that are created by people all over the planet.

Find the people you like or maybe your friends and start following their internet escapades. Sharing your live video with friends over at Facebook, Twitter and even Google+ is just one tap away. Now you can take all of your friends to that amazing roller coaster ride with you! And with the benefit of less puke too.

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