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Adidas ZX Flux Dámské
15.05.20 - 04:21
Buying sneakers is all about scrutinizing the small stuff. Fabric, color, shape, brand, height, weight, comfort, and more all factor into determining one’s ultimate satisfaction with the footwear. Well, for years Adidas has been making one particular decision even more challenging than usual by selling two different versions of the same shoe: The legendary Gazelle. There’s the Gazelle OG, which was first introduced all the way back in 1968 as an indoor soccer shoe. Then there’s the Gazelle (sometimes called the Gazelle 2), which was introduced several Nike Air Max 95 Damen years later, and is the version more common here in the United States. They share the same name, but don’t be fooled—these are vastly different kicks to the trained eye. Each has their pros and cons, but before you order up a pair online or head to the store, we broke down their differences so you choose the pair that’s perfect for your style and, of course, your foot.

Most of the obvious differences between the two sneakers are visible from the profile view. The OG has a more pointed shape from the back to the front, a slimmer midsole, and a much shorter tongue. In fact, the longer tongue on the Gazelle 2 can get in the way of pants without Adidas Gazelle Dámské a short hem, and also is made up of a stiffer synthetic material that can be rather squeaky. (Seriously, even after wearing them for three weeks they still sound like a doggy toy.) The toebox on Nike Air Max 270 Femme the OG is also much shorter than on the Gazelle, but more on that in a minute. For now, it’s easy to see that the OG is simply a much sleeker shoe, though sleeker doesn’t necessarily mean better because you can quickly slide into super narrow sneaker Eurotrash territory. (That in mind, the Gazelle OG does not.) The branding is also different from this view. And, regardless of the color of the shoe’s upper, the branding on the OG remains a constant gold, which may seem distracting to some of the more pure minimalists out there.

A lot of people overlook this view when buying sneakers, which they shouldn’t because it’s what you have to look at Nike Air Max 2016 Donna when you’re actually wearing them. Anyway, from this angle it’s easy to see the drastically larger toe box on the Gazelle 2, which is great if your feet are a little bit Hobbit-y. In fact, the sneaker is wider in general, which conversely means that the OG runs very small. (We recommend sizing down a half size for most people or a full size if your foot is on the wider side.)

Of course, there are differences that you can’t see in pictures. The first is the price. The OG is $85, while the 2 is $65, so, not a big deal, but hey, maybe it’s worth thinking about if you’re trying to squeeze in some extra guac at Chipotle a few more times this month. The second is the weight. The OG is much, much lighter than its younger counterpart, which may be crucial this summer once temperatures reach inferno-levels.

For what it’s worth, where’s our Adidas ZX Flux Dámské vote? Definitely with the OG. It’s lighter, less clunky, less squeaky, and in general has what we consider a cooler retro vibe than the 2. But regardless of which you choose, know you’re getting one of Adidas’s most timeless options to rock this summer, this fall, and basically forever.

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