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Nike Internationalist Femme
14.05.20 - 06:15
Nike's Air Max series has consistently highlighted some of the most loved and revolutionary sneakers ever. The Air Max 1 kicked things off in 1987, and 30 years later the VaporMax pushed the limits of how much Air a sole Nike Internationalist Womens can handle. (It turns out that the answer is "as much as the sole itself"). For 2018, the Swoosh is launching a brand new silhouette that combines two classic Air Max sneakers from its past - Air Max 93 and Air Max 180 - to create something entirely new and modern.

Now, if we didn't know that those two shoes were the inspiration for the 270, we might not even be able to say it. But take a closer look and you will see the general shape of the Air Max 180, as well as its classic pink heel cup, which Adidas ZX 750 Donna here becomes part of the shoe's massive air bubble. Since 93, the shoe borrows its sock-like fit - which Nike helped pioneer 25 years ago with the then radical neoprene lining of the former.

Which brings us to the number 270. After all, 93 and 180 equate to 273, which was the name of the sneaker in the prototype versions. So what does Nike Air Max 90 Donnait give? It turns out that Nike went with "270" to highlight the 270 degrees of air that the sneaker has, wrapping the entire heel towards the middle part. It is significant: although the 270 is the first Air sneaker in absolute lifestyle (the previous versions are all technically functional sneakers), it also has serious technology through the highest Nike Air bubble ever - 32 whole millimeters. As might be expected, this makes Air Max 270 a insanely comfortable shoe. Nike told us that he Nike Air Vapormax Femme intended to tap into the idea of ??"comfort as a weapon", in other words, if you are more comfortable than your opponent on the pitch, in a meeting or at brunch, you have an advantage.

Like the Air units on all VaporMax shoes, the Air Max bubbles are produced in the United States at the new Nike plant in Oregon. So not only are you getting a new sneaker, but the one that is loaded with some fresh Oregon air.

Undeniably captivating and truly captivating, the colors that appear in the Nike Air Max 270 are something to get your hands on this season. Much of the success of Nike Air Max was due to the fantastic shades that bring you back to that particular era. This time, they introduce exciting colors that characterize a brand new shoe for the Nike Air Max line.

This is Nike Air Max's largest heel bag to date. The "270" comes from 27Nike Internationalist Femme 0 degrees of visible air inside the bubble. In combination with the extra padded insoles, the ride gives you the feeling of walking in the air all day long.

The mesh isn't new, but what Nike has been doing for decades is reworking the heritage features to create something different. The shirt has been rotated and exaggerated to create a modern look and give your feet room to stretch and feel comfortable.

What are you waiting for? You know how it works, sneakerhead: only limited supplies of Nike Air Max 270 women's shoes and shoes are available on Sun & Sand Sports, so click to transport your couple right away.

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