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Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Mujer
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The first sneakers appeared in 1830s England, when Liverpool Rubber bonded a canvas outer onto a vulcanised rubber sole, creating the original sand shoe for the Victorian middle classes to wear on the beach.

Different styles of the shoe were developed in the UK and the US throughout the 19th century to respond to athletic pursuits like running, tennis, jumping and sailing. The term “sneaker” was coined in the US in the 1870 to describe the shoe because it was noiseless. Athletes in Paris wore sneakers at the first modern Olympic Games in 1900.

The American pro-basketball player Charles H. Taylor, passionately promoted the sneakers designed by Marquis M. Converse in 1917. By 1923, Taylor’s Nike Air Huarache Damen improvements had been incorporated into the shoe, his signature added to their design, and Converse “Chucks” have remained unchanged since.

Adidas was founded by the Dassler brothers in Germany in 1926, and Puma was founded in 1948 when the Dassler brothers split. Onitsuka Tiger (ASICS) were founded in Japan in 1949 and Reebok started making sneakers in 1958. New Balance started creating their “Trackster” sneakers in 1961, and Nike was founded in 1972. At every point, sneakers were created to support athletes, but also to promote lifestyles that connected leisure with physical activity.

Since the 1970s, sneakers have been linked to skateboarding and hip-hop culture, including break dancing; urban pursuits that require a high degree of comfort and ease of movement. The explosion of hip-hop from the mid-1980s and its global Adidas ZX Flux Donna dominance in the 1990s meant that sneakers quickly became a visual symbol of hip-hop and a symbol of its separation from the mainstream.

Run DMC’s 1986 track, My Adidas was as much about the band’s love for sneakers as it was about how quickly people judged black youth who wore sneakers to be troublemakers.

The top-selling shoe on the market in 2016 didn’t come with any revolutionary technology. It wasn’t part of a collaboration with Drake, Rihanna, Kanye West or the many other celebrities and artists putting their stamp on footwear these days. And it definitely wasn’t something new.

It was the Adidas Superstar, a streetwear staple known for its three stripes and iconic shell toe that dates back to 1969. It doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, so you’ll find the Superstar on the feet of toddlers, teens, millennials, and the older Nike Air Max 720 Femme crowd that might even remember when legendary rap group Run-DMC wore them unlaced back in the late 1980s.

More importantly, the success of Superstar is part of a broader resurgence for Adidas AG that has a growing number of consumers and investors switching from “Team Nike.”

Long considered by many to be a euro- and soccer-centric niche player,  Adidas has been a big winner Adidas ZX 750 Donna in the increasingly popular athleisure fashion trend, where clothes and sneakers designed for exercise, are instead worn for work, school and elsewhere.

The German sportswear giant’s rise hasn’t gone unnoticed by the market: the stock is up more than 65 per cent in the past 12 months and has more than doubled since the start of last year, while Nike shares have languished.

A big reason Adidas has become an investor darling is the fact that it’s making a real run at ‘The Swoosh’ on its own turf. This is evident in Adidas’ 20 per cent-plus growth in core regions such as  North America, Western Europe and Greater China.

“Adidas continues to clearly outgrow Nike globally,” said Chiara Battistini, a retail analyst at J.P. Morgan. “This has been a key revenue and profit driver for Adidas.”

But if the Superstar’s spot atop the shoe Nike Air Zoom Spiridon Mujer list symbolizes Adidas’ growing popularity and the success of their marketing efforts, the rest of the Top 10 list tells a different story.

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