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Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchanger Spare Parts

Separator Spares & Equipment, LLC specializes in aftermarket spare parts for Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchangers and accessories. Alfa Laval is a market leader in separation technology and heat exchanger technology. Get more news about Alfa Laval Phe Gaskets,you can vist our website!

Our spares for gasketed plate heat exchangers are fully compatible with genuine Alfa Laval spare parts and come complete with a 12-month warranty on all non-wear items. The Separator Spares & Equipment brand comes on every box; therefore, you can rest assured that our whole team is behind you every step of the way.

Alfa Laval Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers
Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers can be used for heating and cooling. Gasketed plate heat exchangers are designed to optimize heat transfer because the corrugated plates provide by far the greatest surface area through which the heat can be drawn from one gas or liquid to the other. The arrangement of the gaskets (field and ring gaskets) results in through flow in single channels so that the primary and secondary media are in counter-current flow. The media flow cannot be mixed because of the gasket design. The corrugated plates create turbulence in the fluids as they flow through the unit. This turbulence, in association with the ratio of the volume of the media to the size of the heat exchanger, gives an efficient heat transfer coefficient. The units also have a flexible design and are easy to service and maintain. We can assist you with your parts and service needs. 

Do you have a poorly functioning Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger?
Replace damaged gaskets and plates with confidence. Our wide range of spares for Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers ensures an efficient solution for your application. Eliminate costly downtime and achieve optimal performance with our gasketed plate and frame spare parts. Let us help keep your gasketed plate heat exchanger maintenance schedule on track.

Need to replace gaskets or plates for your Alfa Laval heat exchangers?
Our Alfa Laval gasket plate heat exchanger spare parts comply with the latest specifications and prolong the lifecycle of your installation. On-going research and development ensure that you will always get the latest applicable parts and ensure reliability. We allow you to save money without losing quality. Our supplied parts give you true cost-efficient peace of mind.

Separator Spares & Equipment stocks and supplies a complete range of aftermarket parts for Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers. Whether you are looking for a plate pack or replacement Alfa Laval gaskets and plates, we are your best choice.

Thank you for considering Separator Spares & Equipment as your supplier of choice for Alfa Laval gasketed plate heat exchangers. We are confident that you will be fully satisfied with our product quality and services.