Kirjoittaja Aihe: Little Brighouse suspended over anti-Semitic clip  (Luettu 163 kertaa)

Little Brighouse suspended over anti-Semitic clip

A newly-elected councillor has been suspended from the Welsh Liberal Democrats after allegedly posting an anti-Semitic video on TikTok.

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Little Brighouse, who identifies as non-binary, won the Disserth and Trecoed with Newbridge ward on Friday.

But just days after being elected to Powys council, they will now sit as a non-aligned councillor until an investigation is completed.

They declined to comment pending the outcome.

It was alleged on political news website Guido Fawkes that Little Brighouse had uploaded a social media clip on TikTok where they are pictured next to a photo of a burning Israeli flag with the anti-Israeli statement "from the river to the sea", in the background, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

A spokesman for the Liberal Democrats said: "We received a complaint regarding this candidate which has been reviewed under our independent complaints process.

"As a result, they have been suspended from the party while the complaint is fully investigated.

"The Liberal Democrats have a long and proud record of standing up against anti-Semitism and continue to champion a liberal, tolerant and inclusive society for all."

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