Kirjoittaja Aihe: Huge Selection of New Shoes from Top Brands  (Luettu 1978 kertaa)

"In a span of less than a year, the adidas Forum has established itself from a lesser-known silhouette to a fan favorite. the Three Stripes continues its efforts in bringing the adidas ny 90 sko into the mainstream by giving the OG “Bright Blue” style a customizable twist with the use of velcro-backed patches.
In true OG Forum fashion, the adidas sko dame rosa see a cream-toned tumbled leather base that is paired with “Bright Blue” accents. Unlike its predecessor, the pack consists of blue contrast stitching throughout, even using stitches to replace the medial side’s Three Stripes. Additionally, the iconic X-shaped overlay at the forefoot and the heel now sports a velcro covering to allow for wearers to personalize their shoes with patches.
The adidas ultraboost 21 dame sports a clean black and white outfit, the former dressing the clean cageless Primeknit+ weave upper, while the latter arrives on the BOOST-assisted midsole. Over in the rear, the heel becomes more elevated, which is due to the midsole featuring six percent more BOOST than any pair before it.
Two colorways of the adidas superstar sko herre are on the way, both featuring exaggerated overlays on the heel.Coming in a dusty pink upper and midsole, a translucent heeltab sits on top of another translucent cream overlay with a metallic silver adidas Trefoil overlay panel. Translucent hits are used again on the 3 stripes with gold accenting on the tongue and Superstar branding."


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