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Tässä osiossa voit tarkastella kaikkia tämän jäsenen viestejä. Huomaa, että näet viestit vain niiltä alueilta, joihin sinulla on pääsy.

Viestit - SamungIsland

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Have any more of these been released?

If they have would someone please be able to give the the Finnish story titles?

Thank You

Thank you for that.

Naurupommi = Belly Buster (US paperback) story names and cover match up so it's a Finnish version of this book

Pako vapauteen = Unchained (Us Paperback) story names and cover match up so it's a Finnish version of this book

Yes Laardi-Lassin = Lard Lad

Barnkoralisti = Slobberwacky a 4 page comic from Simpsons Comic 42.

Going by the cover pictures:-
Seikkailukimara = Jam-Packed Jamboree
Silkkaa Hulluutta = Madness
Rantalomalla = Beach Blanket Bongo
Bart Simpson Sarjis-spesiaali = Big Bouncy Book of Bart Simpson

The publishers don't seem to be following the release schedule from other countries  so you guys may still end up getting all the paperbacks. It would be great if you did along with the Treehouse of Horror ones.

Once again thank you very much.

If you could get the other story titles for me as they come out that would be great.

Thank You

Kuka tahansa?


Okei, eli jos joku ei ole kielitaitoinen niin SamungIsland hakee näissä kirjoissa:

Simpsonit - Naurupommi
Simpsonit - Pako vapauteen
Simpsonit - Seikkailukimara

olevien tarinoiden nimiä omalle sivustolleen. Jos omistat kirjoja niin autappa miestä mäessä. ;)

Thank You for the translation

well i tried to find the headings for those comic stories but i couldn't find any. :s i just found websites where they tell the plot from the comic stories, but nothing else. so i tried and i hope that someone else could help you with those headings! :>

Thanks for trying. Hopefully someone here has bought these books and can help me out.

Is there anyone here that could help me with this please

Muu Simpsonit-aiheinen / www.simpsonscomicworld.com
« : 13.01.08 - 15:32 »
Would anyone here be able to help me with the missing items on my website?

If anyone has the any of these books I would like to get the Finnish headings of each of the comic stories in these books

Simpsonit - Naurupommi
Simpsonit - Pako vapauteen
Simpsonit - Seikkailukimara

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank You

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