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The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has tightened the licensing process for digital asset providers to become “Responsible Global Crypto Center”

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MAS Managing Director Ravi Menon discusses the huge risks to retail investors and the potential for misuse of cryptos for money laundering and terrorist financing. Emphasizing the tightening of the crypto licensing process,

developing regulations in Singapore for cryptocurrencies has occurred continuously A few years ago, in early 2022, the legal environment and high crypto adoption rates changed in city-states after the MAS issued a new circular crypto advert and caused ATM operators to shut down.

MAS Criteria for Crypto Licensing

MAS has been closely watching to ensure compliance and risk management.So far, regulators have approved a small fraction of the over 170 digital asset applicants. Over 100 businesses applying for crypto licenses in the country have failed to meet licensing requirements, according to Nikkei Asia.


First D&D Direct Game Shows New Campaign Setting new adventure and other entertainment The upcoming Dungeons & Dragons, the popular tabletop role-playing game published by Wizards of the Coast,

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its first ever D&D Direct on Thursday. which is a live stream similar to a video published in a video. Game companies to share announcements about upcoming projects.Here's everything that was announced during the presentation.

Spelljammer: Space Adventures

The presentation kicks off with a short video showing a table-top party aboard a skyship floating in space. Announcing the upcoming launch of a new campaign setting, Spelljammer is described

by D&D designers as “Deep Space meets Deep Sea. Players can look forward to cities built from asteroids. deities who died in the ether and lots of new content Includes six new playable races:


The elephant statue that was auctioned off to raise funds for the hospice took a tour to showcase the best of the city.Lindsey Sweet, President of Sunrise Acquisition to Celebrate "Everything amazing" about the city

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It was purchased as a blank canvas and decorated by Bedford-based artist Sarah Harrison to serve as a lasting legacy.Ms Sweet said tours will be ongoing so they can "show off" in November. Keech Hospice Care sells 38 elephant artworks

that make up the Big Trunk Trail that take place across Luton from July to October.For sale raised £231,500.Ms. Harrison was asked to paint a picture of the sunrise. After she created another elephant named Oak for that route.

The sculptures had to be painted in her parents' house. She couldn't get through her door and became an "elephant in the room,She added that glad to work There are collages of local landmarks. including colorful feet for "Representing the people of Luton"


The Jinghai District in northern China is hardly a rice-growing paradise. It is located on the shores of the Bohai Sea. More than half of the region consists of saline and alkaline soils. which the crops cannot survive Last fall, Jinghai produced 100 hectares of rice.

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The secret to a bountiful harvest is a new salt-tolerant rice variety developed by Chinese scientists in hopes of food security threatened by rising sea levels. growing demand for seeds and supply chain disruptions

known as "Khao Talay" because it is grown in saline soil near the sea. This strain is caused by overexpression of genes from selected wild rice, which is more tolerant of saltwater and alkaline.

 Test area in Tianjin The municipality surrounding Jinghai recorded output at 4.6 metric tons per acre last year. which is higher than the national average for standard rice production

Screenshots of photos they posted of themselves dressed for the festival were streamed unauthorized live on YouTube by two men crossing the border in India.A live stream by Ritesh Jha and the accomplice he calls "Keshu" comes along with the misogyny. islamic opinion and had hundreds of viewers

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After several users reported the stream, YouTube deleted the video and channel. The women later said they felt "insecure" and "feared" and their Eid was "destroyed." Eight months later, Mr Jah, 23, said he was "filled with hatred." At that time, he claimed he wanted to avenge a Hindu woman who changed

the image he saw on social media. He did not reveal any details. About Keishu

mocking women It has in particular criticized India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). It has gotten worse in the past few years. Amid increasingly polarizing weather both online and offline

While all supporters of political parties and ideology threaten women online. Experts say far-right manipulation and the spread of technology have made Hindu nationalist youth more daring.The YouTube live-streaming incident has been followed by several cases of harassment by women online.

Developers of two apps have shared pictures of Muslim women in mock "auctions" intended to humiliate them. Hindu women have criticized Modi and the BJP party has been "sold" by the audio app Clubhouse, which it said has suspended the room and taken action on accounts linked to it. In all three cases there was no actual sale


Virtual Virtual Reality 2 taking place on February 10th asks what happens to our freedom when the owners of the metaverse change their minds.Dreams or nightmares of the possibilities of metaverses seem to be everywhere in early 2022. New VR games on Oculus Quest 2 (and Steam VR and Rift) explore

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these questions, and so does the unresolved issues of metaverses. It's called Virtual Virtual Reality 2, but it's not even an online game. The Metaverse is simulated and scripted into a no-nonsense, dialogue-based experience.

Game developer Tender Claws has begun exploring deeper questions about realistic VR, AR, and AI. The developer's original game, Virtual Virtual Reality, plays on the false promises of simulation.

And it's one of the best experiences on Oculus Go, Google's Daydream View, and previous mobile VR headsets. Tender Claws also explores the social and live space in the follow-up game The Under Presents.


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China announced the establishment of its first five national parks during the COP15 Biodiversity Summit. Plans are now being revealed to protect the flora and fauna of these parks and expand the network across the country.

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How will China continue to protect the ecosystem? radio and podcast "Round Table" takes you through a new national park system that aims to conserve wildlife and benefit humans.


She will mix flour and water. Take a piece of dough and beat it between her palms to form a large flat plate and cook it on the wood-fired oven.If you offer me I will lift my head I don't understand why she chose wheat roti that was thinner, tastier, and easier to eat.

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But a couple of years ago I switched to the food my grandmother ate.I switched my kitchen wheat flour to pearl millet after seeing reports that the latter was healthy.Although my roti is now more chewy. But I kept holding on to it because it made me feel healthier.

And I'm not alone - said agricultural experts in the past few years. A lot of the "forgotten food" is making a comeback on our farms and fields and on our plates too.said Dr Jacqueline Hughes, Director General of Icrisat (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics).

India celebrates 2018 as the year of millet. and in March The United Nations has accepted Delhi's proposal to celebrate 2023 as the International Year of Millet.The report states that This year will be used to raise awareness about the health benefits of millet and its suitability for cultivation


We're collecting all the rumors about Galaxy S22 release date, price, design, camera specs and more.
The Samsung Galaxy S22 line may come in the next few months. And we are looking forward to what the smartphone will bring. (Check out more 2022 smartphones we're excited about here.)

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Rumors suggest that the new flagship might launch in February with S Pen support, camera upgrades and Android 12, and now we've seen what else the Galaxy S22 Ultra has in store with allegedly leaked marketing materials.

The flow is obtained from the Dutch blog. LetsGoDigital.Samsung's August event excites us with two new foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, alongside the company's latest smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Buds 2. In October,

Samsung It has launched more options to customize its foldable screen phone, although we still don't know exactly when Samsung will launch the rumored Galaxy S22, but this year's Galaxy S21 was revealed in January. This means we'll be seeing


This photo was rarely taken,” photographer Dominik Schulze told me three years ago. He was on his way home to Dresden. germany After a trip to Hamburg When two young women enter the cabin of his six-seater train in Berlin They picked up the food.

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and after they eat They slept on each other's laps. Daylight poured in through the windows to illuminate their faces.You can see this article and more. So much more with minimal ads in our newest app for iOS, iPadOS and Android.

“As I sat across from them I think about photography Unfortunately, I couldn't reach my camera in the backpack above me. So I had to use a smartphone,” Schulze remembers now. “At first I didn't want to shoot because I was worried that other people would.

What do you think in the room? but in the end I decided to take several pictures.

He didn't have a chance to meet the two of them. He's taken countless photos since then. But in moments of intimacy, time stands still, even in the bustling public. still my favorite “They never saw the photo or knew I took it.

But I don't think they were mad at me for taking pictures of it,” the photographer said. “This photo taught me to photograph fleeting moments. Instead of wasting time thinking whether I should or not.


Industry experts said at a panel discussion at the BEYOND International Technology Innovation Expo on Thursday that China was emerging as a hub for advanced manufacturing with the help of good policies and a dynamic supply chain working with it. global players

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The expo, which kicked off on November 9, is China's first annual flagship event for technology and innovation in Asia.The country's 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) provides opportunities for China which is the factory of the world already To apply

the latest knowledge from the Internet of Things (IoT) to robotics technology in the manufacturing sector. Global cooperation also enhances China's development capacity. According to a joint statement released by China's four government departments in early November.

(Government) strongly supports the development of technology in this area,” IoT ONE CEO Erik Walenza said in a panel discussion. He gave an example in southern China's Guangdong Province. which the local government has helped various organizations


Life used to be good for Jerry Tang, who left his rural hometown in 2014 to become a real estate agent in Shenzhen. It's China's tech capital and one of the hottest real estate markets in the world.

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A few years ago, Tang managed to make 50,000 yuan ($7,800) in a single month selling an apartment. Last year, he made about 15,000 yuan a month, but this year it dropped to around 5,000. yuan, and mostly from the rental commission.

This year is definitely a lot harder to sell,” he said. “Buyers are waiting to see what happens to the market. While developers do not have enough cash They are taking the time to pay the commissions to the agents.in shenzhen city More than 17.6 million people and companies,

such as gaming giant Tencent Holdings Ltd and telecom giant Huawei Technologies, have announced the closure of some small real estate offices. Eight real estate agents also said at least a third of their colleagues were closed. Leaving the industry or thinking about it?


In hopes of smoothing 5G deployments, companies voluntarily take precautions. Although they said there was no credible evidence of interference with aircraft signals.AT&T and Verizon Communications Voluntarily agreed to take additional safeguards to ensure that the newly acquired mid-frequency 5G towers do not interfere

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with aircraft signals, the companies outlined their plans in a letter sent to the Federal Supervisory Board. Overseeing the US communications affairs on wednesday afternoon As an action to resolve the conflict between the wireless industry and the aviation industry.

In a letter to the FCC's acting chairman Jessica Rosenworzel, the companies said they planned to reduce nationwide power levels on cell phone towers. This will send 5G signals over a wireless spectrum known as the C-band. They also say they will impose tighter power limits for using

this spectrum near regional airports and public helipads. According to the letter reviewed by CNET, the companies offered to do so for a six-month period. "While additional evidence is being evaluated by radio altimeter manufacturers," AT&T said in a separate statement.


University of Loughborough experts must work with the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) to identify patterns in the latest investigation.Research suggests that black women are four times more likely to die while pregnant or giving birth than white women in the UK.The Racial Equality Foundation said the plan was welcome. "If used wisely"

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'Safe and healthy'

The researchers plan to look at more than 600 recent HSIB investigations on adverse outcomes during pregnancy and delivery.The independent patient safety agency has conducted more than 2,000 maternity investigations since April 2018,

with about 10% involving ethnic, black, Asian and ethnic families.These case studies include maternal mortality during pregnancy or childbirth, miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal mortality.The research team will develop a machine learning system that can identify factors,

based on a set of codes, that cause harm during pregnancy and childbirth that black families experience.This includes biological factors such as obesity or birth history. socioeconomic factors such as language barriers and unemployment and quality of care and communication with mothers

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