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The Malawian star confronting the Illuminati

It’s a hot moment for Eli Njuchi.

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The unassuming Malawian has triggered a TikTok dance challenge with his latest release, the very catchy GuGuGu.

As we know, once a song is a hit on TikTok, it’s pretty much guaranteed the song will blow up more widely.

Eli Njuchi started his music career very early.

Back in 2015, when he was just 13, he was taken under the wing of producer Chycoon, and did backing vocals on a track called Never Leave You starring his friend and fellow artist Veda.

"Chycoon is the one who really inspired me, he has an ear for good beats, he believed in me, and at that time he was very big in our ghetto, he was a ghetto star. Here we are man, the rest is history."

Before GuGuGu, Eli Njuchi’s biggest song was Why in which he talks about having a crush on Malawian singer Sangie.

"She’s like our Beyoncé here, so think about it, an ordinary Eli Njuchi crushing on Beyoncé, you see how crazy it is!

"When I recorded it I sent it to her and she loved it, I was even surprised that she promoted it. It left a lot of people interested, man, there were lots of questions, people were asking was the song real or is it just a song?

"So I think that’s what made the song that big. I think a lot of people related to it. They had, or they have, a crush on her. Shouldn’t be hiding anything here!"

It’s surely also Eli Njuchi’s singing voice and obvious talent that made the song a hit. But another of his breakthrough songs also had an intriguing theme, so he clearly knows how to hook people’s attention:

"The song Illuminati came from the industry stories about how artists are said to sell their souls just to win or be successful."

The pop star, the football club and the Mafia link

A seemingly rich new owner steps in to buy a city's struggling football club, promising to bring back its glory days.

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Staff were overjoyed when their new wannabe YouTube pop star owner signed foreign professional players on big wages, compared to other teams in the league.

Their club was at the heart of the community and had once played Atletico Madrid and Napoli in Europe, but had fallen on hard times and had dropped out of Wales' top league.

After the takeover, some fans dared to hope their once-proud footballing days would return.

At first, their new Italian owner seemed like the "great saviour" - but the dream at Bangor City turned into a nightmare.

Within three years, one of the UK's oldest football clubs has ceased playing football, is tens of thousands of pounds in debt and its future is bleak.

Now players and staff have told the BBC Wales Investigates that owner Domenico Serafino didn't pass on all of the furlough money claimed by the club during Covid - up to £375,000.

Squid Game star Lee Jung-jae makes directorial debut with spy action drama

He’s known to his South Korean compatriots as a leading man with an illustrious career of 29 years in film and television, while international fans are more likely to recognise him as down-and-out chauffeur Seong Gi-hun from the 2021 blockbuster series Squid Game. Now, both groups can look forward to Lee Jung-jae stepping into the shoes of a director for Hunt, a political thriller. As far as he’s concerned, though, his new role behind the camera was pure happenstance.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Lee talked more about the circumstances leading up to his directorial debut. He had adapted the screenplay from another writer’s drafts – another first for him, as he had never written a screenplay before. Lee told THR that he “tried to write from the point of view of the audience”, but also admitted that he only wanted to produce the project and “co-develop this story with another filmmaker who would write and direct it”.

This led him on a hunt (no pun intended) to find the right director for the story, meeting with a veritable rotation of them across months. Upon feeling at “the point where there were no more prominent directors for [him] to meet”, Lee realised the futility of his search, and “decided, okay, I’m going to have to write and direct this thing myself”.

Lee asserted that his experience on Squid Game – which landed him a Screen Actors' Guild Award for Best Male Actor and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Drama TV Series – did not affect Hunt’s production or his own creative process. However, he believed that the show’s critical and commercial success contributed to how “more people seem to be paying attention to the film and have taken an interest in watching it – and that’s been tremendously helpful to everyone involved in it”.

Saudi oil giant Aramco's first-quarter profits surge 80%

Oil giant Saudi Aramco said Sunday its profits soared more than 80% in the first three months of the year, as the state-backed company cashes in on the volatility in global energy markets and surging oil prices following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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The bumper first-quarter earnings by the firm formally known as the Saudi Arabian Oil Co., which overtook Apple as the world’s most valuable company last week, show a record net income of $39.5 billion, up from $21.7 billion during the same period last year.

The figure marks the oil group’s highest quarterly profit since 2019, when the Saudi government, which owns 98% of the company, listed a sliver of its worth on Riyadh’s Tadawul stock exchange in what was then the world’s largest-ever initial public offering.

In a statement, Aramco's chief executive attributed the spike in profits to rising prices as well as the kingdom's increase in production, along with allies in the group known as OPEC Plus. He also appeared to suggest that the disruption from the war in Ukraine had underscored the vital role of oil and gas companies like Aramco.

“Against the backdrop of increased volatility in global markets, we remain focused on helping meet the world’s demand for energy that is reliable, affordable and increasingly sustainable," President and CEO Amin H. Nasser said, adding that Aramco was in the midst of increasing its maximum production capacity to meet anticipated demand growth.

Oil prices rallied to a 14-year high of $139 a barrel in March immediately after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, although later receded as Russian oil continued to flow and renewed lockdowns hurt demand for hydrocarbons in China, a top importer. International benchmark Brent crude traded over $111 a barrel Sunday.

Little Brighouse suspended over anti-Semitic clip

A newly-elected councillor has been suspended from the Welsh Liberal Democrats after allegedly posting an anti-Semitic video on TikTok.

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Little Brighouse, who identifies as non-binary, won the Disserth and Trecoed with Newbridge ward on Friday.

But just days after being elected to Powys council, they will now sit as a non-aligned councillor until an investigation is completed.

They declined to comment pending the outcome.

It was alleged on political news website Guido Fawkes that Little Brighouse had uploaded a social media clip on TikTok where they are pictured next to a photo of a burning Israeli flag with the anti-Israeli statement "from the river to the sea", in the background, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

A spokesman for the Liberal Democrats said: "We received a complaint regarding this candidate which has been reviewed under our independent complaints process.

"As a result, they have been suspended from the party while the complaint is fully investigated.

"The Liberal Democrats have a long and proud record of standing up against anti-Semitism and continue to champion a liberal, tolerant and inclusive society for all."

New boss Michael Murray warns of price rises

The new boss of Sports Direct has warned that the retailer will probably have to put up prices as it faces costs that are "going through the roof".

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Michael Murray has taken over from Mike Ashley - his future father-in-law - as chief executive of Frasers Group.

But in his first interview in the job he told the BBC Mr Ashley was "not pulling the strings".

He also insisted that the High Street is not dead, with plans to open up to 10 new flagship stores across the UK.

At the age of 32, Mr Murray has become one of the youngest chief executives among FTSE 250 companies after a meteoric rise to the top of one of the UK's biggest retailers.

But he faces a particularly challenging time with rising costs and a squeeze on household incomes.

Although Sports Direct stores pride themselves on countless deals and offers, Mr Murray admitted prices will probably rise.

"In terms of the pricing of product, we are very much at the mercy of our brand partners," he said.

"They decide the price they want to sell the goods for and we will increase the prices as and when the brands ask us or recommend us to do so."

Speaking to the BBC ahead of Sports Direct opening its new Birmingham store on Friday, Mr Murray said he believed Britain's High Streets were not "dead", but said they would be "different".

Tunisia's president plans to rewrite constitution

Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed has announced plans to rewrite his country's constitution.

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In a televised Eid address, Mr Saïed, who has dissolved government and parliament, said a committee would be established to redraft the existing framework and would conclude its work within days.

He did not specify how the constitution would be changed, but said it would usher in what he called a New Republic.

Opponents have accused him of seeking to concentrate all the levers of power in his own hands since he seized power nine months ago.

Anxious wait for Sue Gray report continues in Westminster

When the full unexpurgated report from the senior civil servant Sue Gray is finally made public, there have been predictions that it could finish off Boris Johnson as prime minister.

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His allies believe it will do no such thing.

But his position feels more precarious than at any time since the start of the Ukraine conflict.

Some Conservative MPs who've been critical of the PM have said they would await Ms Gray's findings before deciding to submit a letter of no confidence in him.

So there is little doubt that the report is anxiously awaited at Westminster.

It won't be released until the Metropolitan Police complete their investigations.

But the hope amongst her inquiry team is that it will be published by the end of May.

Councils and schools face disruption over pay dispute

Councils, the Housing Executive and some schools face up to two weeks of disruption from Monday due to strike action by the Unite union.

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Unite members in most councils and the Housing Executive started a walk-out on Monday in a dispute over pay.

The union's members in the Education Authority (EA) then begin strike action from Tuesday 26 April.

The action follows a previous walk-out by Unite members in March over a local government pay offer of 1.75%.

The union has called that a "real-terms pay cut" as the cost of living has been surging due to rising fuel, energy and food costs.

Unite's Northern Ireland Officer Gareth Scott said employers were to blame for the resumption of strike action.

"These employers need to address the pay expectations of their workforce," he said in a statement.

"Their failure to do so to date has led to this escalation and the unnecessary disruption that will inevitably result."

But the EA has said the Unite strike comes after a local government pay offer across England, Wales and Northern Ireland which has already been accepted by the majority of trade unions.

Russian players to be barred from competing at Wimbledon

Russian players will not be allowed to compete at Wimbledon this year due to Moscow's invasion of Ukraine, according to a report in sports industry news site Sportico on Tuesday.

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Earlier this month, the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), which organises the grasscourt Grand Slam, said it was in talks with the British government on the participation of players from Russia and Belarus.

The organisers said it planned to announce a decision in mid-May ahead of the entry deadline for the June 27-July 10 tournament.

The AELTC did not immediately respond to request for comment on the report.

A ban on Russian players would prevent world number two Daniil Medvedev and Andrey Rublev, ranked eighth, from competing in the men's draw. Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova is 15th in the women's rankings.

The report said it was unclear whether players from Belarus would also be banned. Belarus is a key staging area for the invasion, which Russia calls a "special operation".

Tennis governing bodies banned Russia and Belarus from international team competitions following the invasion. Individual players are allowed to compete on tours but not under the name or flag of their countries.

Songkran festival marked with mass water fight in Southampton

The Thai New Year, also known as the Songkran festival, has been marked with a mass water fight in Southampton.

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Songkran is often referred to as the biggest water fight in the world.

The new year festival, held between 13 and 15 April in Thailand, is also celebrated in neighbouring Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Groups of revellers got soaked while taking part in water fights outside Southampton's WestQuay shopping centre.

The event, organised by the Thaikhun restaurant, saw two groups facing off with water pistols and buckets.

The holiday is traditionally marked by visiting family members and pouring water over Buddha statues.

In Thailand people wearing brightly coloured clothes fill the streets and throw water at each other

HP soars to a record after Buffett's Berkshire reveals US$4.2 billion stake

HP's stock soared to a record high on Thursday (Apr 7) after Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway revealed it had taken an 11.4 per cent stake valued at about US$4.2 billion in the maker of personal computers and printers.

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Berkshire said on Wednesday night it owned nearly 121 million HP shares, including 11.1 million purchased this week.

Shares of HP were up US$5.28, or 15.1 per cent, at US$40.19 in early trading on Thursday, after earlier reaching a record US$40.50.

Separated in 2015 from the former Hewlett-Packard, HP is a traditional technology stock that has benefited from increased demand as people spend more time working and being schooled at home.

The Palo Alto, California-based company agreed last month to buy audio and video accessories maker Poly, once known as Plantronics, for US$1.7 billion.

Buffett has until recently struggled to deploy more of the US$146.7 billion cash pile his Omaha, Nebraska-based conglomerate had accumulated, citing high market valuations and competition from private equity and other investors.

Shanghai Covid lockdown extended to entire city

Chinese authorities have extended their lockdown of Shanghai to cover all its 25 million people after a fresh surge in Covid cases.

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Initially, there had been separate measures for the eastern and western sides, but the whole city is now subject to indefinite restrictions.

Shanghai is the largest single city to be locked down to date.

The important financial hub has battled a new wave of coronavirus infections for more than a month.

Reported cases have risen to more than 13,000 a day, although the numbers are not high by some international standards.

Residents in some areas of the city said the strict policy meant no-one was allowed to leave their housing compounds, not even to collect essential provisions.

They reported difficulties in ordering food and water online, with restrictions on when customers are able to place their orders, because of a shortage of supplies and delivery staff.

The city is testing the limits of China's zero-Covid strategy, amid growing public anger over quarantine rules.

The policy sets China apart from most other countries which are trying to live with the virus.

But the increased transmissibility and milder nature of the Omicron variant has led to questions over whether the current strategy is sustainable in the long run.

Ukraine strikes fuel depot in Russia's Belgorod, regional governor says

Two of Ukraine's military helicopters struck a fuel depot in the Russian city of Belgorod on Friday (Apr 1), a Russian official has said, making the first accusation of a Ukrainian air strike on Russian soil since Moscow invaded its neighbour in late February.

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Video images of the purported attack posted online showed what looked like several missiles being fired from low altitude, followed by an explosion. Reuters has not yet been able to verify the images.

The helicopters struck the facility after crossing the border at low altitude, regional governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said on messaging app Telegram.

The resulting blaze injured two workers, Gladkov added, while some areas were being evacuated in the city near the Ukrainian border.

However, Russian oil firm Rosneft, which owns the fuel depot, said in a separate statement that no one was hurt in the fire, though it gave no information on the cause.

Ukraine's defence ministry could not immediately be reached for comment.

An ammunition depot near Belgorod caught fire on Wednesday, causing a series of blasts. At the time, Gladkov said that authorities were waiting for the Russian defence ministry to establish its cause.

Regime change, the controversial strategy the US no longer wants

The United States says it is not seeking a "regime change" in Russia, hasty clarification that shows the strategy once popular among neoconservatives has become a hot-button issue after negative experiences in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

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President Joe Biden caused a stir last Saturday when, during an impassioned speech in Warsaw, he said his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin "cannot remain in power".

The White House rushed to downplay the phrase, which was not part of Biden's prewritten remarks, insisting that the US leader was not suggesting a regime change in Moscow.

But Biden refused to walk back the comment on Monday, although he said that he was only expressing his "moral outrage", not outlining a policy to overthrow Putin.

Even hinting at such a tactic appears taboo in Washington.

"Regime change might sound appealing because it removes the person associated with policies we don't like," Sarah Kreps, a government professor at Cornell University, told AFP. "But it almost always leads to instability."

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