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Handsome Japanese Veteran Idol

In K-Pop, there are undeniably so many visuals, and each netizen has their own preference, and most of the time, it comes from the groups that they stan. However, one idol who has always been praised for his “Prince” like visuals is none other than ATEEZ‘s Yeosang.To get more news about 在线欧美精品一区二区三区, you can visit our official website.

There is no denying that Yeosang can do it all. In particular, one look that netizens couldn’t get enough of was Yeosang’s blonde hair during the “THANXX” and “Inception” era. Not only did it look amazing as it was, but when Yeosang tied it up, he was definitely a true prince.

A Japanese actor recently went viral amongst ATINYs after he was confused for Yeosang by fans. On March 3 (KST), an ATINY shared a picture of the movie poster for the upcoming Japanese movie Fullmetal Alchemist. The movie is a live-action version of the Japanese manga series of the same name and is released in May.

Although it might seem impossible to think anyone could be mistaken for the visual King that is Yeosang. The poster proved otherwise. Yamada Ryosuke plays the lead character and, in the poster, with his long blonde locks and undeniable visuals, it isn’t hard to see the resemblance.In the quotes of the post, ATINYs couldn’t get over the resemblance of the actor to Yeosang. In particular, some even had to take a double glance as they first thought someone had edited the idol into the poster.

Yet, it seems that the duo has more in common than first expected. Even though it might seem like Yamada Ryosuke is an actor, he actually started his career as a Japanese idol and released tracks with a group called Hey! Say! JUMP and as a soloist. In fact, Yamada became the first teenage male artist in 33 years to have a number one debut single.

In various trailers and videos posted of the film, it is still almost impossible to deny the resemblance in some way. The actor combines powerful expressions with regal visuals, similar to Yeosang’s on stage.

Although netizens pointed out that the resemblance might have only been in these clips, there is still no denying that Yamada is an extremely handsome person and has his own unique visuals that certify his idol status.

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