Kirjoittaja Aihe: PWFE Shrimp Clean Knife Shrimp Peeling Machine 304 Stainless Steel Fast Shrimp P  (Luettu 209 kertaa)

PWFE Shrimp Clean Knife Shrimp Peeling Machine 304 Stainless Steel Fast Shrimp Peeler Seafood Tool Prawn Peeler

Materia These seafood tools are made of food grade stainless steel. Safely health and durability.Get more news about shrimp peeling machine,you can vist our website!
Unique Design long beak design,makes it easy to insert. handles easy-grip comfort, rivet connection for more flexible rotation
Easy to Operate Put the tip of the shrimp peeler inserted along the tail, firmly pinch the handle, the shrimp shell will fall down.
Easy to clean and store The shrimp peeler dishwasher safe, easy cleanup; compact enough to fit in a drawer with other kitchen gadgets or flatware;
Widely Use Suitable for kind of seafood with shell such as lobster, prawns, mantis shrimp, crab legs , that you can enjoy the meal happily.
For almost sixty years there has been no significant development within shrimp peeling industry.
The new Seapeeler Flex is an innovative, compact machine, Which is easily installed in existing processing lines
The SeaPeeler Flex provides a 90% water saving technology along with higher yield, programmable hardware and horizontal peeling.

The SeaPeeler Flex is designed with focus on optimizing all aspects of the shrimp peeling process which makes the SeaPeeler Flex ground-breaking in all aspects.

The SeaPeeler Flex is constructed with rotating rollers and driven by chains all around. This particular advantage leads to a shrimp peeling machine in with the shrimps are not being transported in water, resulting in a retained colour and flavour and - in the end - achieving a better end product and a cheaper production.

The complete process of peeling the shrimp has been optimized, resulting in a remarkable yield improvement and an excellent end product whilst saving money on water, floor space, operators and maintenance.
The new Seapeeler Flex will contribute to your economic advantage for a significantly increased revenue.