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Nike Air Max 720 Femme
20.05.20 - 08:26
Zoom Air. Shox. Free. Lunarlon. Over the years, Nike’s introduced a handful of industry shifting cushioning technologies, but few of them have had the staying power of the Air Max line. What began as a revolutionary performance mechanism soon blossomed into an iconic symbol of street style, eventually earning its spot as the best of both worlds for runners and sneaker enthusiasts alike.

It wasn’t always easy, and many of Air Max’s biggest developments took years to perfect, but Nike’s willingness to push the envelope has resulted in what is perhaps the most well-known running shoe of all-time. To our generation, Air Max is a household name, and believe it or not, its legacy is only continuing to grow. As Nike and Finish Line get set to roll out the latest flagship sneaker, the Air Max Nike Internationalist Femme 2016, the future is looking brighter than ever.

Unlike other shoes that might excel in one particular area, the versatility of the Air Max range managed to win over both serious, competitive runners and stylish sneakerheads who hadn’t been on a track in years. The Air Max line’s combination of a striking, visible Nike Air unit and forward-thinking design cues helped it earn a permanent spot in the locker room and on the runway, and it’s this same dual-purpose appeal that’s allowed it to remain relevant for decades.

With the Air Max 1, which is sometimes referred to as the Air Max 87, Tinker Hatfield flipped the footwear industry upside down, literally, by training his focus on the sole of the sneaker and creating the first visible Air unit of its kind. Hatfield’s inspiration came from the Pompidou Centre in Paris, a complex Adidas Gazelle Womens known for its unique deconstructed architecture.

Not only was the Air unit visible, but it was bigger than ever before. According to Nike’s advertisements from this time period, the sneaker’s Air unit was three times bigger than those found in previous sneakers, hence the name “Air Max.” This increased Air volume meant a more cushioned landing for runners as they hit the ground, but it didn’t hurt that it looked really cool, too.

The “wow” factor of the first of its kind—visible Air unit paired with Tinker Hatfield’s clean lines and sleek shape—proved to be a hit with style circles almost immediately. Years Nike Air Max 90 Mujer later, the Air Max 1 was used as the canvas for several popular Nike collaborations, making its lifestyle appeal unparalleled.

A “bigger is better” attitude was introduced on the Air Max 90, as the design team behind Nike Air Max 720 Femme the sneakers—once again led by Tinker Hatfield—looked to outdo their previous innovations. The self-imposed challenge worked, as the Air Max 90 introduced a larger volume of encapsulated Air and bold, new colorways that would go on to define the series. For runners, this meant increased comfort, but on the streets, new trends were brewing.

The Air Max 90’s “Infrared” style has earned iconic status over the years, and the “Laser Blue” and “Concord” makeups also deserve a nod for their head-turning designs. The idea here was that the vibrant pops of color would draw attention to the Air unit, letting everyone Nike Air Presto Dámské know that Air Max had officially arrived.

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